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2002 IEC Candidates Forum


The Immigrant Empowerment Council (IEC) would like to invite you to attend the 2002 IEC Candidates forum on ---------, at ----------, at ----------.  Our goal is to educate our ethnic members, who are also your constituents, understand your positions on various issues related to the immigrant communities and make pertinent choices at the coming elections in November.

The Immigrant Empowerment Council’s, a cross-cultural voice in the Washington Metropolitan Area, is composed of a group of diverse immigrant leaders interested in working together to involve newcomers in the decision-making process of local civic life.  Our objectives are to support a network of leaders by bringing them together to present a strong voice and to help set future directions in their civic participation efforts.  Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of immigrant community leaders to participate effectively in civic affairs that affect the quality of their lives and to make institutions, systems, and the community-at-large more inclusive and responsive to all immigrants.

We would appreciate it if you could reply to -----------, phone----------, email---------, and/or to --------, phone----------, email-----------, by -----------.  The format of this forum is to give the audience the opportunity to know you better by introducing yourself in a time period which lasts no more than ----- (two minutes).  After that, you will respond to questions posed by our moderator(s) for ------------- (fifteen minutes?).  Finally you will conclude with a final statement within ----------(five minutes).

This forum is mutually beneficial to all people who are concerned in this democratic process, and we hope very much that you give us a favorable reply.


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