Autumn Cloud

From Vietnam War Widow to American Activist (Capital Life)

While the Vietnam War is deeply ingrained in a generation of Americans, its history is often one-sided - flavored with blame, corrupt generals and politicians, drugs, and the Viet Cong. What is rarely heard is the compelling story of ordinary people who struggled amidst chaos and upheaval. "Autumn Cloud" is that story. Born at the beginning of World War II, Jackie Bong Wright stands at the center of the modern Indochinese drama. "Autumn Cloud" follows Ms. Wright as she moves from girlhood on a Cambodian rubber plantation to school in Paris, marries a leading political dissident who is later murdered, escapes to America in 1975 with her children, and makes a new life here with a new American husband.


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    Wright's voice speaks to countless Vietnamese who survived foreign occupation and successive wars against the French, the Japanese, and the Americans.She writes of their struggle to make a success of their lives amidst the chaos and upheaval.
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    This book is a treasure. We are given an incredible accounting of Vietnam before, during, and after the war--an accounting I have not found in other books. Ms. Bong-Wright's story is itself noteworthy. She is a triumphant lady, who is dedicated to bringing justice and grace to the world. Her activism and diplomacy have made permanent marks in post-war Vietnam and countries throughout the world. We are lucky to have such an individual among us. The book itself is well-written and will keep you engaged to the end. She writes honestly and openly about the events of her life and is able to apply an elegent tone to the harshest events in her past. There are life-lessons in this book that we should all take to heart.
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    As a french reader who lived in Viet-Nam part of her life, I learned so many things through "Autumn Cloud" about the history of her country during those terrible and so long days of war : what realy happened, who decided, who was involved, who was responsable, who were the real victims.The true story of Autumn Cloud explain me also the deepest roots of her vietnamese origins : culture, beleifs, wisdom, traditions, the way to apprehend past and futur. Thu Van reveale herself as a strong caracter who have decided that faith in life will direct her actions. Trough the tale of her life , she gives a marvellous lesson of hope. Through her relation of the political events that marked VietNam history , she clarify most of the commun ideas we received from the media.When truth is said at last, the world goes better and can battle more efficiently for peace. Such valuable testimony make you proud to belong to the human world. Good Luck Autumn Cloud !!!
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